Father of Lights Movie

Father of LightsThis Wednesday night Brittany’s life group is opening the doors to anyone who wants to come and watch a movie called Father of Lights. It is the third in a trilogy of films that documents God’s grace and power around the world today. In the film you will meet people ministering in the same power and authority that Jesus commissioned his disciples with in Luke 9. That is power and authority to preach the kingdom of God, heal the sick and drive out evil. Expect to see people trapped in darkness set free!

It ties in perfectly with our current series on ministering like Jesus. Through compassion, proclamation and power the kingdom of God advances in a broken world. Sometimes it seems like doing the ministry of Jesus (and the early church) is for people in a far off land. Hopefully what Father of Lights inspires us with is seeing people like you and I praying for the sick, telling people about the love of God and reaching out to the least and lost in our midst.

This Sunday we will look at that passage in Luke 9 and discover what authority and power we have been given. You may be surprised!

ps. if you want to come along on Wednesday night email Tim – tim.giovanelli@manlylife.org

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