Matthew 7:13-14 Sermon – Wide & Narrow Paths

In this sermon Tim continues our What Jesus Taught Series by looking at Matthew 7:13-14 where Jesus talks about the wide path that leads to destruction and the narrow path that leads to life, encouraging us to take the narrow path and find life in Jesus, even when the wide path can be tempting andContinue reading “Matthew 7:13-14 Sermon – Wide & Narrow Paths”

Matthew 5-7 Sermon – The Sermon and the Preacher on the Mount

In this sermon Tim launches our new series “What did Jesus Teach?”! This week Tim walks us through the Sermon on the Mount, how we need to hold the Sermon and the Preacher in unity as we understand how to apply these words to our life. He also reads the whole sermon, so take aContinue reading “Matthew 5-7 Sermon – The Sermon and the Preacher on the Mount”

Galatians 6:7-10 Sermon – Sowing and Reaping

In this sermon Tim talks about the biblical principles of sowing and reaping. He reminds us that we reap what we sow, and that we should leave behind sowing in the flesh but instead sow in the Spirit, so we can reap the godly rewards of the Spirit! What are you sowing into in 2022?Continue reading “Galatians 6:7-10 Sermon – Sowing and Reaping”

Revelation 7 Sermon – The Lamb Wins!

In this final sermon in our series in the Book of Revelation, Tim answers the question of ‘how does the Christian story end?’ Looking at Revelation 7 we are told the Lamb Wins!┬áIn spite of human history and every other power and principality that sets itself up against Jesus, the lamb of God who takesContinue reading “Revelation 7 Sermon – The Lamb Wins!”

Revelation 2 Sermon – Smyrna, Faithfulness and the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

As we get a Revelation of who Jesus is, even under extreme pressure, we are called to faithfulness, even to the point of death. This is the story of the early church, including the first Bishop of Smyrna – Polycarp. It is also the inspiring story of German Pastor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer who as a thornContinue reading “Revelation 2 Sermon – Smyrna, Faithfulness and the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer”

Israel Folau, Sin and the New Intolerant Tolerance

It’s been interesting watching the latest skirmish in Australia’s own version of the culture wars. In the latest chapter, Australia’s number one rugby union player, and evangelical Christian, Israel Folau has found himself on the wrong side of the new intolerant tolerance brigade. While the way he went about calling out a particular sexual sinContinue reading “Israel Folau, Sin and the New Intolerant Tolerance”