Power and Authority to Minister like Jesus

This is Pastor Tim’s latest message on the power and authority that Jesus bestows on us to minister like he did. The flow is simple… Jesus announces his mission (Luke 4:18-21) and then sets about demonstrating this by preaching the kingdom of God, healing the sick and driving out evil. He calls followers and thenContinue reading “Power and Authority to Minister like Jesus”

Father of Lights Movie

This Wednesday night Brittany’s life group is opening the doors to anyone who wants to come and watch a movie called Father of Lights. It is the third in a trilogy of films that documents God’s grace and power around the world today. In the film you will meet people ministering in the same powerContinue reading “Father of Lights Movie”

For God’s sake, help somebody!

From time to time (not regularly enough) I like to go and have lunch at the local Manly Salvation Army with other members of the Manly community. It is a free feed, and attracts a diverse bunch of people in need of some care. This morning they had this fantastic message on a board asContinue reading “For God’s sake, help somebody!”

Ministering Like Jesus 2

Last week at church we looked at how Jesus, the early church and the Apostle Paul ministered. The key verses was Romans 15:17-20 where Paul talks about leading people to Christ through what he has said and done, and in the power of the Spirit. It is this combination of compassion, preaching and signs andContinue reading “Ministering Like Jesus 2”