John 12:20-33 Sermon – Following Jesus / Series Intro

In this sermon Tim introduces us to our first sermon series in 2023, The Farewell Discourse Series – messages from John 12-17! Tim helps us understand who John is and the book itself leading up to chapter 12, before diving into chapter 12 vs 20-33 and what it means to follow Jesus! We can’t waitContinue reading “John 12:20-33 Sermon – Following Jesus / Series Intro”

1 John 4:11 Sermon – Friendship in Church

In this sermon Tim encourages us to follow the model of Jesus and his disciples and to make friends in the Church, show God’s love, kindness and hospitality to others and think about others rather than ourselves! How will you proactively seek to build friendship with someone this week? Friendship – SERMON NOTES I amContinue reading “1 John 4:11 Sermon – Friendship in Church”

Isaiah 42:5-7 Sermon – The Light Has Come!

In this sermon Tim talks about Christmas, how there’s so much more behind all the fun things that happen, that it is when the light of the world came to Earth! He reminds us this Christmas to put Jesus first, and reminds us how we can shine His light in our lives too! Sermon preachedContinue reading “Isaiah 42:5-7 Sermon – The Light Has Come!”

Exodus 20:8 Sermon – Sabbath and Rest

In this sermon unpacks the Biblical principle and command, Sabbath! How do we obey God and fit into His rhythms by allowing ourselves top rest, and what does that look like? Victoria encourages us to make this a priority so we can serve God with endurance and full of the Spirit! Sermon preached by VictoriaContinue reading “Exodus 20:8 Sermon – Sabbath and Rest”