Acts 18 – Paul in Corinth, women in ministry and the good, the bad and the ugly of local church!

In this sermon Tim explores the church Paul plants in the city of Corinth as he takes the good news of Jesus to the Greek speaking world. After an amazing year and a half of fruitful ministry, the church subsequently becomes a mess – leading to Paul’s letters to the Corinthians. This sermon deals with the life of a local church, full of mess, but ultimately always in the grip of God’s grace. It also explores women in ministry as we encounter Priscilla – an amazing early church leader!

Acts 2 – Pentecost Sermon

In this sermon on Acts 2, Pastor Tim explores how at Pentecost God fulfils his promise to his people that they would be blessed and a blessing to all nations (Genesis 12). A new family is created as they all hear the gospel in their own language and the message of the Kingdom begins to bless the world.

Jesus, the Wisdom of God Sermon

In this sermon, we bring our series in the Book of Proverbs to a close by looking at Jesus, the wisdom of God. He is the one to whom the ancients looked forward to as the embodiment of truth and wisdom. Indeed we are told by Jesus in Matthew 12 ‘that now one greater than Solomon is here!’

Do Not Have An Affair – the Wisdom of Proverbs

In this sermon, Tim Giovanelli explores the Book of Proverbs teaching on marriage, ruling out having an affair and the place of sex in our lives. The wise avoid temptation but fools find themselves ensnared by adultery. The consequences are devastating. This sermon is a clarion call to build a healthy relationship and to rule out breaking your marriage vows and paying the price of an affair.

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