DSC_6854Welcome to Manly Life Church

We are joining God in establishing a vibrant church in the Manly area of Sydney. Manly Life is seeking to be a community that encounters God’s presence and love and shares that with our neighbours, friends and community. We believe that the revolution Jesus brought in continues today. We want to be a part of that radical, gracious, loving, forgiving, hospitable, generous, just, compassionate move of God in our little slice of the world.

Why are we called Manly Life Church?

Jesus said he came to bring life and we want in on that. The life Jesus describes, and embodies and gives to us is extraordinary in quality and lasts for eternity. Manly Life hopes to be known as a place where we come alive in the presence and power of the living God.

What to Expect?

It is Sunday, you walk in, grab a coffee and meet spectacular ordinary people. We worship, open the Word of God, cheer each other on and are ministered to by God’s presence. Someone has an encouragement from God they share, someone is praying for someone for healing, people are hanging around eating and sharing life together.

It is Wednesday and a group of people exploring Jesus and life gather for a meal, some teaching and a chance to open up on what they think about it all. Some are still searching, others decide they want to follow Jesus.

It is Thursday afternoon and we are in the park cooking up a free BBQ breakfast for the local young surfers on Manly Beach. Local mums and dads play with their kids, we feel blessed as we get to know people and do a little life together.

Who are our friends?

You can tell a lot about people by who they hang out with. A church is no different. Some of our mates include Soul Survivor NSW, Alpha Australia, New Wine NSW and Baptist World Aid

We also have some heroes in the faith we admire and look to. Churches like Holy Trinity Brompton and St Paul’s Hammersmith in London, Bethel Church in California and St Paul’s in Auckland

To find out what else is happening in Manly check out Our Manly.