Vision, Values and Beliefs

The following is our vision, values and beliefs for Manly Life. Further, the constitution is available by request. This outlines our governance, beliefs and affiliation with the Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT. Plus a link to our Safe Church Policy can be found at the bottom of the page.

Joining God in bringing LIFE to Manly

Joining God – through repentance and faith we have been adopted as sons and daughters of the living God. We join God in being one with Christ, committed to his way and mission.

Bringing Life – the Zoë life of God that has been given to us by His Spirit is what we carry and share as we meet together and go in mission. It is divinely breathed, eternal, extraordinary and loving.

To Manly – is the greater region of Sydney where we seek to see God’s kingdom planted through a community of His followers.

Vision: To build a loving Christian community that grows, as we know God, walk in His presence and seek His kingdom coming in our area

Core Values: Our core values are the underlying principles that guide us in making decisions, determining priorities, setting goals, allocating resources and carrying out programs. They are the defining characteristics of Manly Life and are drawn from biblical teachings.

We value the Gospel as Good News: The Gospel is the power and love of God for salvation and transformation. Everything we do is in alignment with Jesus, who is the good news of God’s grace to heal humanity’s brokenness. (Rom 1:16, John 3:16, Luke 19:10)

We value personal relationship with God the Father: We are passionate about worshipping God in Spirit and truth, walking in our true identity as sons and daughters and experiencing his unconditional love. Our relationship grows through prayer, scripture and time with God (John 14:6-13, Luke 15:11-32, Rom 8:35-39, Luke 5:16)

We value building kingdom community: We believe in the power of authentic Christ-centred community expressing love for God and one another through gathering, hospitality, generosity, compassion and forgiveness. All are to be loved, honoured and have a role to play in the community. (1 Pe 2:9-10, Acts 2:42-47, 1 Co 12:12-31)

We value the Spirit filled life: We desire to be known as people of God’s presence continuing the works of Jesus. It is the Spirit of God who assures us of our adoption, who transforms our character and empowers us with gifts to serve. We seek God’s presence in our meetings and in our mission. (Rom 8:15-16, Gal 5:22-25, 1 Co 12:4-11, Acts 2:42-47)


Manly Life Church holds to the evangelical doctrines set out in the Baptist Union of NSW Incorporation Act 1919 (NSW) and the Statement of Beliefs within the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT Constitution.

Alongside the denominational doctrines, our constitution outlines our beliefs in our own words as such. We believe;

There is only one true God who is the eternal King, Creator and Redeemer of all that is. He is perfectly holy, just, loving and truthful. He has revealed Himself to be eternally self-existent – one being in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The Bible to be the inspired and authoritative Word of God.

Humankind was created in the image of God to know and enjoy Him yet we willfully rejected the Lordship and glory of God for which we were intended. Because of this, sickness, death and judgment entered the world and now creation experiences the effects and consequences of sin.

The Lord Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God, was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin, Mary, and is God’s Anointed One, empowered by the Holy Spirit to inaugurate God’s Kingdom on earth. He was crucified for our sins, died, was buried, resurrected and ascended into heaven, and is now alive today, in the presence of God the Father and in His people. He is “true God” and “true man.”

We are saved by God’s grace, through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Anyone can be restored to fellowship with God through repenting, believing and receiving Jesus as their Savior and Lord. The Holy Spirit convicts, regenerates, justifies, and adopts us as we enter the Kingdom of God as His sons and daughters.

In the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a holy life and minister using the gifts God gives his children. The baptism of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1:4-8 and 2:4 is poured out on believers that they might have God’s power to be His witnesses.

The victorious redemptive work of Christ on the cross gives power for freedom from the enemy including his lies, sin, sickness and torment.

The Church consists of all who put their faith in Jesus Christ. He gave his church the ordinances of Baptism and Communion. The Church exists to carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ and further advance His kingdom by undoing the works of the enemy, preaching and living the good news of God’s love, discipling the nations, baptizing and teaching them to love and obey God.

In the ever-increasing government of God and in the Blessed Hope, which is the glorious visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ to rule and reign with His overcoming bride—the church.

There will be a resurrection of the saved and the lost, the one to everlasting life and the other to everlasting death.


Manly Life Church is committed to providing places, services and programs that promote physical, emotional and spiritual health and safety and model the love of Christ to all whom we have contact with, particularly children, young people and vulnerable adults. 

Our Safe Church Policy is available to anyone and you are most welcome to read through it here: Safe Church Policy

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