Finding True Satisfaction in Life

Here is the sermon from the launch night up at the castle. If you missed it, have a listen and feel free to post comments below. In the sermon, Tim preaches on John 6 and Jesus being the Bread of Life. It is the time of passover where the people of God are remembering howContinue reading “Finding True Satisfaction in Life”

Proclaiming and Demonstrating the Love and Power of Jesus

OK, long title… but that is what this sermon is all about. Post the resurrection of Jesus, his followers are to take the good news of new life to the world. The shape of this mission is to tell people about the love of Jesus, shown on the cross, and to demonstrate the power of JesusContinue reading “Proclaiming and Demonstrating the Love and Power of Jesus”

Mandela, Jesus and the Power of Grace

Matthew, Mark and Luke tell the actual story of how Jesus was born. You may be familiar with it… angels, shepherds, a donkey, a baby born in a manger. But what John does in his account of Jesus’ life is start his story with the meaning and significance of what is happening. The Word, thatContinue reading “Mandela, Jesus and the Power of Grace”

Life’s Storms

Last night it felt like Manly could actually get blown over and washed away. Victoria was getting nervous that one of the big pine trees outside our apartment was going to come down. On the beach side, the waves came up to the retainer wall and on the harbour side boats were being run upContinue reading “Life’s Storms”