Life’s Storms

Last night it felt like Manly could actually get blown over and washed away. Victoria was getting nervous that one of the big pine trees outside our apartment was going to come down. On the beach side, the waves came up to the retainer wall and on the harbour side boats were being run up on the beach. It is times like this you hope the foundations of your building are strong.

No life is left untested by storms. Everyone will face sickness, both in those you love and personally. Most go through challenging work situations, staff cuts, strangling office politics. The strongest friendships get tested, the ones closest to us can hurt us the most, relationships can fall apart. Things we once enjoyed can get a hold on our lives. There will be storms.

Jesus says as much at the end of his brilliant sermon on the mount (Matt 7:24-27). Rain comes, streams rise, winds blow and beat… the questions is upon what foundation has your life been built. The wise man has put Jesus’ teaching into practice and like a house built on rock it does not fall. Another whom Jesus calls a fool takes no notice and like a house built on sand does not survive the storm.

Before yesterdays storm I heard a warning to prepare for what was coming. It is the storm that will test the foundations, not the sunshine. When the storm rages I hope that my life is built on THE rock. That I will have peace because I know that I am loved and saved. That I will  have power to transform a situation with grace rather than be overcome. That I will have an imparted strength that comes from the one who defeated the grave!

Published by timgiovanelli

My wife Victoria and I are planting a new church in Manly, NSW

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