Live in a Better Story – Mike Frost Sermon

What story do you live in? Is it one controlled by self, consumerism, fear and greed? God invites us to live in a different story of radical mercy, hospitality, equality, reconciliation and generosity! In this sermon from the combined Manly Life Church and Small Boat Big Sea service, Mike Frost challenges us to live inContinue reading “Live in a Better Story – Mike Frost Sermon”

Transformed Mind, Transformed Life

Toxic Mind = Toxic Life. But the human mind governed by the Spirit of God leads to life and peace. This is Tim’s latest talk from Manly Life Church on the transformed mind. While you cannot have a positive life with a negative mind, the promise of God is that we will have our minds transformedContinue reading “Transformed Mind, Transformed Life”

Does God Heal Today?

I love reading about the ministry of Jesus. Particularly I am drawn to his healing ministry recorded all through the Gospels. In Luke 5:17 it says “the power of the Spirit was with Jesus to heal”. A quick example would be in Luke 5 where a man covered in leprosy begs Jesus to make himContinue reading “Does God Heal Today?”

Vision Sunday 2013 Sermon

Here is the sermon from Vision Sunday 2013. Pastor Tim Giovanelli looks at how God builds his church through giving everyone a role to play and infusing the church with His Spirit. Note: The orchestra playing in the middle of the sermon goes for about 5 minutes. It is of an orchestra playing in aContinue reading “Vision Sunday 2013 Sermon”

It is Vision Sunday this Weekend!

Beyond Christmas and Easter, Vision Sunday is my favourite weekend of the year! It is our opportunity as a church to take stock, thank God and get energised for the year ahead! Victoria and I are feeling excited by what is coming. We have had lots of words from God and encouragements to keep going,Continue reading “It is Vision Sunday this Weekend!”

Encountering Glory – Being Changed

I have been living in 2 Corinthians 3 this last week in preparation for our Celebration Service this Sunday and have been blown away. What Paul claims is nothing less than if we turn to Jesus, the veil separating us from God will be taken away and we will encounter his glory – and beContinue reading “Encountering Glory – Being Changed”

Confusing Charismatic with Contemporary or Missional ministry

I have a passion to see churches minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. I draw a lot of strength from the ministries of John Wimber and the Vineyard, the New Wine network of churches and HTB and the Alpha Course. In our city of Sydney though there seems to be a confusion about,Continue reading “Confusing Charismatic with Contemporary or Missional ministry”

Leading a Response after Sermons

When I was 21 I lived for a year in South Africa and Kenya. I was blessed to be asked to do quite a bit of open air preaching. The expectation was that after my message I would ask people to respond by making a decision to follow Jesus. Hence about half way through theContinue reading “Leading a Response after Sermons”

I will put my Spirit in you and you will live

For those who are coming on Sunday to church I thought I would give you a taste of what we are going to be looking at and experiencing. In the amazing prophesy of Ezekiel 37 God gives Ezekiel a vision of a valley of dry bones. I want to not only speak a word of hopeContinue reading “I will put my Spirit in you and you will live”

Manly Life Update and Progress

Victoria and I are so thrilled with the progress of Manly Life. Just 5 weeks ago the church launched publicly in Manly and the response has been wonderful. For those who live afar or who have been praying for our new church community I thought I would give an update on how things are going.Continue reading “Manly Life Update and Progress”