Vision Sunday 2013 Sermon

Vision Sunday 2013

Here is the sermon from Vision Sunday 2013. Pastor Tim Giovanelli looks at how God builds his church through giving everyone a role to play and infusing the church with His Spirit.

Note: The orchestra playing in the middle of the sermon goes for about 5 minutes. It is of an orchestra playing in a town square which starts with one individual playing and grows until the whole orchestra has emerged to join him.

It is Vision Sunday this Weekend!

Vision Sunday 2013Beyond Christmas and Easter, Vision Sunday is my favourite weekend of the year! It is our opportunity as a church to take stock, thank God and get energised for the year ahead! Victoria and I are feeling excited by what is coming. We have had lots of words from God and encouragements to keep going, to be expectant for what God will do, and to dream big for 2013.

This Sunday we will look at two fantastic verses; Ephesians 2:22 which speaks of God’s Spirit dwelling/living in the church and Romans 12:4-8 which exhorts us to be a body where every person has a part to play. The gist then is that as we play our role in the church, and with God infusing all that we do, we will see the church grow, mature and bring life to all who come.

It is always easy to hang on the edges of a church… they can be messy places… full of broken people like you and me! But God promises to build his church, to give us a role and to be present by his Spirit when we gather. Although it will always face challenges, I can think of no better community to give my life to serving and loving. The scriptures say where the Spirit of God is, there is life! That is what I want to be a part of. Let me offer an invitation to you to join us at Manly Life this Sunday!

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