Hang Around Great Leaders to Become a Great Leader

I have been blessed to have just spent a week in NZ at a New Wine Leaders retreat. It was a reminder of the blessings of being able to spend time with great leaders. No matter what sphere you exist in, if you can spend time with people who have achieved great things, you willContinue reading “Hang Around Great Leaders to Become a Great Leader”

Leading a Response after Sermons

When I was 21 I lived for a year in South Africa and Kenya. I was blessed to be asked to do quite a bit of open air preaching. The expectation was that after my message I would ask people to respond by making a decision to follow Jesus. Hence about half way through theContinue reading “Leading a Response after Sermons”

Manly Life Update and Progress

Victoria and I are so thrilled with the progress of Manly Life. Just 5 weeks ago the church launched publicly in Manly and the response has been wonderful. For those who live afar or who have been praying for our new church community I thought I would give an update on how things are going.Continue reading “Manly Life Update and Progress”

Manly Life Church Launch Service (with photos)

On Sunday we launched a new church for the Northern Beaches with a bang! It was awesome to see so many people gather for the beginning of this new community. It was great to see old friends, and meet new faces. One of the things you hope for in leading a new church is thatContinue reading “Manly Life Church Launch Service (with photos)”

It’s time to launch a new church!

It’s launch week at Manly Life Church and we are full of hope! Launching a new church is about lots of things but primarily it is about Jesus – and his ongoing story of liberating the world from its bondage to decay. Now that may sound grandiose, but it is the essential claim of Jesus,Continue reading “It’s time to launch a new church!”

5 Weeks til launch, 5 reasons to be excited!

With under 5 weeks until the public launch of Manly Life Church, here are my 5 reasons to be hopeful and excited for this new church; 1. We know our God and he is faithful! He has revealed himself in Jesus and throughout history. Our God is full of love, breathes new life on the broken,Continue reading “5 Weeks til launch, 5 reasons to be excited!”

A new shape for church

What are the best experiences you have ever had being a part of a church? For me some would include being in trafalgar square and seeing Mike Pilavachi lead hundreds to Jesus, being in a little township church in South Africa and being filled with the Spirit, being invited to lunch in London on ChristmasContinue reading “A new shape for church”

Bill Hybels on Church Planting

A good article on church planting here by Bill Hybels from Willow Creek in Chicago. http://willowanz.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/bill-hybels-hardest-years.html Good insight here… Bill; “I think [church planting] is inherently messy. I think it’s inherently confusing. I think it’s inherently complex. We can help, and council, and bless each other, but one of the toughest things I’ve ever been throughContinue reading “Bill Hybels on Church Planting”