How we are Transformed from Selfishness to Love

So God has called you to a free life… do you believe that?  The Bible is full of stories and metaphors and explanations of what Jesus has done that speak of being set free. Jesus himself said the Son of Man came to give his life as a ransom for many. In Hebrews it says he has diedContinue reading “How we are Transformed from Selfishness to Love”

The best prayer you can pray today… and tomorrow… and the day after that…

What is the best prayer that you can pray today… and tomorrow… and the day after that? It probably relates to the thing that causes us the most mental stress – other people! We are relational beings and so much of what ends up consuming our thought life (and knocking on to the rest ofContinue reading “The best prayer you can pray today… and tomorrow… and the day after that…”

4 signs your marriage will break up in 5 years

I had a great conversation this week with Allan Mathews from church and a friend who is about to get married. Allan is a trained counsellor and all round wise guy! We ended up speaking about the things that put great strain on a marriage, and the things that lead to a healthy, loving marriage.Continue reading “4 signs your marriage will break up in 5 years”

10 Great Verses on the Holy Spirit to Fire You Up!

OK, here we go… 10 of my favourite verses about the Holy Spirit… 1. Ezekiel 36:26 (in which God promises the gift of the Holy Spirit) I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart ofContinue reading “10 Great Verses on the Holy Spirit to Fire You Up!”

Facing the awful stuff in life!

We are starting a new series at Manly Life on the major curveballs that get thrown at us in life. If you are going through or have gone through a relationship bust up, or addictions, or depression or bereavement, or serious illness I hope you will find strength, wisdom and comfort in this series. I also hopeContinue reading “Facing the awful stuff in life!”

Praying like Jesus

At Manly Life Church we are doing a little series on developing healthy spiritual habits that will see us flourish in life. An obvious one is developing our prayer life which I think is universally recognised as crucial to our spiritual health. Some of us are absolute prayer warriors, literally storming the gates of heaven! I remember a friend in LondonContinue reading “Praying like Jesus”

To those who are done with church

I have been reading recently about a new category of people in our society when it comes to religious participation. Beyond the nones (those who have no religion) a new growing category is the dones (those who still have faith but are done with going to church). Interestingly I have also met a number ofContinue reading “To those who are done with church”