3 Quick Prayers for Manly Life

This is what I am praying this week.

1. We will be a radically welcoming and hospitable community. A major marker of any alive church right since the beginning has been inclusiveness. In Jesus we are told there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female. The echo of that today is the open hand of friendship to all who come.

2. We will see not only the truth of the Gospel but also it’s power. Alive churches through the ages have not only proclaimed the truth but have seen the power of the Gospel demonstrated through the Spirit’s presence, healing and words of revelation. I pray for a church that seeks the same power for today.

3. People will grow in their true identity as sons and daughters of the living God. Knowing our inheritance and the family we are called into, we will not be a church of prodigals but of sons and daughters who grow in our true identity. This will manifest in how we love, honour and bless each other.

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My wife Victoria and I are planting a new church in Manly, NSW

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