Church Marketing Sucks…

With two weeks to go until the public launch of Manly Life Church we are in the process of getting lots of marketing materials printed. We are hoping that thousands of people in the Manly area of Sydney will get a chance to hear about the new church, and that our material will not only be a good representation of who we are, but also be something that awakens a hunger for God, for community and for life!


Of course to encourage people towards faith, there is nothing like actually building relationships with people in the community and showing them hospitality and grace. But, with the constant barrage of anti-church articles put out there these days in the press, it is nice to put something in people’s letterboxes that is actually positive, life giving and representative of the values of the church I know.

I am aware that lots of church advertising sucks and I am hoping we haven’t added to the sub-par marketing that churches have sometimes been prone to. Having some cool designers and guys in advertising in the new church has helped! Let us know what you think…

So, keep an eye out for our fliers, facebook ads, banners etc over the coming two weeks. We are hoping to make a splash on the Northern Beaches! Now that would be a good slogan. Or not.

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My wife Victoria and I are planting a new church in Manly, NSW

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