Do Not Have An Affair – the Wisdom of Proverbs

In this sermon, Tim Giovanelli explores the Book of Proverbs teaching on marriage, ruling out having an affair and the place of sex in our lives. The wise avoid temptation but fools find themselves ensnared by adultery. The consequences are devastating. This sermon is a clarion call to build a healthy relationship and to rule out breaking your marriage vows and paying the price of an affair.

Get Planted in the Church and the Word for a blessed 2019

A new year means New Year Resolutions… which often fall apart as quick as the latest diet! But how is this for a resolution – to get planted in the Word of God and the local church in 2019. And the promise from Psalm 1 and Psalm 92 is that those who do, prosper and live fruitful lives. Find out why…

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