Get Planted in the Church and the Word for a blessed 2019

A new year means New Year Resolutions… which often fall apart as quick as the latest diet! But how is this for a resolution – to get planted in the Word of God and the local church in 2019. And the promise from Psalm 1 and Psalm 92 is that those who do, prosper and live fruitful lives. Find out why…

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Your Kingdom Come Sermon

Kingdom of God

In this sermon Tim looks at the Kingdom of God as Jesus’ central message and mission. When Jesus teaches us to pray, it’s heart is a prayer to God for ‘your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’.

This is dynamite! A prayer of longing in a broken world and a prayer that compels us into action. What would it look like for God’s kingdom to come in your life and world? More mercy, more compassion, more healing and deliverance, more truth, more forgiveness and blessing… you get the idea…

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Easter Sunday Message – There is Hope!

Easter Sunday preaching 2018

There is a great moment in As Good as it GetsĀ where Jack Nicholson’s character storms out of his psychiatrist’s office into a waiting room full of patients with their own pathologies. In his trademark way he turns to them and says “what if this is as good as it gets?” Sometime life feels that way – mess all around us and mess in our own lives.

Easter emphatically says no – there is hope! In this sermon Pastor Tim unpacks the incredible hope of Jesus resurrection and what that means in our lives today. Our story, because of his story ain’t over yet…

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