Isaiah 58 Sermon – Let Justice Roll!

In this sermon Tim walks us through the incredible chapter 58 of Isaiah, where God calls his people to show justice to their fellow man: to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and clothe the naked. These acts of justice mean much more to God then the empty religion the Israelites were engaging in, theyContinue reading “Isaiah 58 Sermon – Let Justice Roll!”

Isaiah 53 Sermon – The Glory of the Cross

In this sermon Greg preaches through the incredible Isaiah 53, unpacking the gospel message of Jesus’ death and resurrection as he took our sins and iniquities on Himself! Greg encourages us to daily draw near to the Cross of Jesus Christ, for it to be our safe place, and to be constantly reminded of Jesus’Continue reading “Isaiah 53 Sermon – The Glory of the Cross”

Isaiah 42-49 Sermon – A Glorious Servant

In this sermon Tim continues our Isaiah series by looking at chapters 42-49, particularly chapter 49, where God posts an ‘advertisement’ for a servant who will come and restore His people, be a light to the Gentiles and bring salvation to the ends of the Earth! Tim explains how we can live in the goodContinue reading “Isaiah 42-49 Sermon – A Glorious Servant”

Isaiah 40 Sermon – God’s Glory, Restoration and Salvation

In this sermon Tim continues our series on Isaiah by looking at chapter 40 of Isaiah, where we have been transported 150 years forward to where the Israelites are under captivity and oppression by the Babylonians. in chapter 40 we see some of the most beautiful promises about what God will do, when He comes…Continue reading “Isaiah 40 Sermon – God’s Glory, Restoration and Salvation”

Isaiah 36-40 Sermon – Hezekiah’s Response to Mocking

Tim continues our series in Isaiah by looking at how King Hezekiah responded to the mocking of the Assyrians who were on the doorstep of the Israelites ready to destroy them. From this story Tim encourages us about responding to mocking and persecution for our faith today: any first going to God in humility, thenContinue reading “Isaiah 36-40 Sermon – Hezekiah’s Response to Mocking”

Isaiah 28-35 Sermon – The True Source of Deliverance

In this sermon Tim continues our series in Ephesians, moving onto to the middle chapters of Isaiah. Tim tells us that the under oppression Israelites had to make a choice, who would they rely on? Would they make an alliance with Egypt or trust in God to deliver them? Tim brings this to today byContinue reading “Isaiah 28-35 Sermon – The True Source of Deliverance”

Call of Isaiah & The Song of the Vineyard – Isaiah 5 & 6 Sermon

In this sermon Tim unpacks chapters 5 and 6 of Isaiah, looking at God’s call to Isaiah to be His prophet to Israel and the Song of the Vineyard. Tim encourages us to think of where God is calling us and to respond like Isaiah did, confess our sins, accept God’s grace and forgiveness andContinue reading “Call of Isaiah & The Song of the Vineyard – Isaiah 5 & 6 Sermon”

Judgement and Hope – Isaiah 1 Sermon

In this sermon Tim introduces us to our brand new 12 week series on Isaiah! Tim unpacks the themes of judgement and hope in the book of Isaiah, how they apply to us today, the historical context, the fact that Isaiah is often called the fourth gospel and much more! But ultimately Tim asks forContinue reading “Judgement and Hope – Isaiah 1 Sermon”