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At Manly Life we run a number of different courses throughout the year. These include;

The Marriage Preparation Course

Coming out of Holy Trinity Brompton in London, the Marriage Preparation Course is a 5 week course that helps engaged couples get ready for Marriage. Topics include communication, handling conflict, commitment, keeping the romance alive and more. For more information check out – The Marriage Preparation Course

The Marriage Course

Similar to the Marriage Preparation Course, but for married couples, the Marriage Course is a 7 week course designed to fine tune and bring health into your marriage. The course runs like 7 dates nights with opportunities to hear great content and discuss just as a couple. For more information check out – The Marriage Course


Reframe is an incredible course that comes out of Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. Reframe asks the big questions about how do we integrate the Christian faith into all of our lives, including our work, families, community and church. Hear from some of the brightest thinkers in the Christian faith and reframe your worldview! For more information check out – Reframe

The Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is your opportunity to explore the meaning of life and the Christian faith. The new Alpha film series is a brilliant exploration of the basics of the Christian faith. For more information check out – The Alpha Course

Jesus the Game Changer

Jesus the Game Changer explores the impact of Jesus on the values, institutions and culture that we take for granted. The course includes leading experts on the difference Jesus has made in equality, care, forgiveness, justice and more. For more information check out – Jesus the Game Changer

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