Maintaining a healthy, growing relationship with God is paramount to being a leader. You will lead as much (if not more!) by what you do than by what you explicitly teach. If you’re struggling in your relationship with God please reach out to your ministry co-ordinator, life-group leaders or your pastors. We are here to support each other.

Here are some key areas that help you stay in line with God as we faithfully lead God’s people.  Let’s start with the Leadership Video below and then move on to some important key topics.

Important Key Topics

Social Media and Social Contact

We want to encourage healthy, appropriate, relationships with all the people we lead. This can at times involve contacting them outside of the main program and can include calling, talking online and meeting in person. Great care and wisdom is required to ensure we are doing the right thing so it is required that all volunteers read and know our ‘Social Media & Contact Policy’. Please note you are not to be in contact with children (under 12 years of age) at all via social media.

Healthy Boundaries

We are committed to empowering leaders to have healthy boundaries with those we lead, for our own wellbeing and theirs. We are there to point people towards Jesus. He is the one who has the power to heal, convict and transform people. It is His Love and Life that will set them free and it is our honour to be a part of that process in people’s lives but we are not responsible for how they choose to respond. The ‘Healthy Boundaries Resource’ will help equip you to build and sustain good relationships by:

  • identifying good & bad boundaries
  • owning your emotions & responses
  • empowering others to change

Conflict Among Leaders

God calls us to respect the leaders he has placed over us and to make their service a joy (Hebrews 13:17). Should a matter arise in which you disagree with your Ministry Coordinator or someone in leadership at Manly Life, it’s important to discuss and resolve the issue in a godly and timely way. Our aim is to preserve the unity of the gospel won by Jesus’ death on the cross and avoid divisiveness. Our ‘Conflict Resolution Guide’ is a great resource for helping you handle conflict in healthy ways. We suggest all our volunteers to make a step towards resolution within 24 hours of any conflict/offence that has occurred.


In order to remain ‘above reproach’, Ministry leaders are also strongly urged to refrain from travelling alone, sharing a room, or spending extended periods alone with
someone of the opposite sex. This is as much about perception as it is about wisdom and safeguarding your own purity.

  • Ministry leaders are not to engage in behaviour of a sexual nature outside of marriage. This applies whether it is within the context of an official dating relationship or not.
  • We strongly recommend that when pursuing a romantic relationship it is with someone of the same faith, whom you can be equally yoked with in your pursuit of God. If this is not the case for you please come and speak to Tim and Victoria.


Ministry leaders need to ensure that they are dressed appropriately for Ministry – both practically and modestly.

Alcohol and Drugs

Scripture tells us that alcohol is a gift from God (Ps 104:15) that is good for the stomach (1 Tim 5:23) and thus whether you drink it or not is a matter of personal freedom.
Despite this we live in a culture where the abuse of alcohol (especially by the young) is a huge societal issue. For this reason, Ministry leaders must be vigilant against
promoting or condoning the misuse of alcohol. As such you are asked to adhere to the
following stipulations:

  • Drinking alcohol under the age of 18 is illegal.
  • We encourage you to refrain from drinking before serving at any church events

Ministry leaders are not to partake in the use of illicit drugs (marijuana, ecstasy, speed etc). Cigarettes are not to be smoked in the presence of any children.


The internet can be a really helpful and useful tool, however, not everything on the
internet is useful for the building up of Christians. Ministry Leaders must be wise and
godly in their use of the internet (Phil 4:8).


We are committed to ensuring that Manly Life Ministry Programs are safe places where everyone can be themselves without fear of ridicule or pressure. Leaders bear a responsibility for maintaining the safety of everyone who comes along each week. To  this end, a great resource to come back to at a later date is the Manly Life Anti-Bullying Policy. This resource will help you:

  • understand what bullying is and is not
  • how to investigate suspected bullying
  • how to report and respond to any incidences of bullying

NOTE: None of us are perfect and we will all struggle with sin. The purpose of these policies are to help us live wisely together and continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus. If you are struggling with any of these things, please speak to Tim, Victoria or your Ministry Coordinator as soon as possible so we can care for you and support you the best we can. It is more important that you are healthy and whole than that you are serving. If you need to take a break to address some of these issues, we will help you identify that.

If you’re working through the induction, your next step is to check out information about your specific ministry. Click here.