Worship is a key part of Manly Life. It’s one of the significant ways that people connect with God and feel His love for them.

The worship team exists to create the space and the music and the atmosphere for people and God to connect.

Regardless of the instruments or the songs or the skill level, that is the goal of the worship team.


The worship team is divided into 4 bands, 2 for the morning and 2 for the evening. Each band is rostered fortnightly.

The worship leader for each band coordinates rehearsals, choosing songs, and sending out chord charts.

For the AM service, the band meets at 8:00am to practice.

For the PM service, the band meets at 3:30pm to practice.

All worship team members meet together twice a year to chat about vision, work on skills and talk about mixing up the bands.

Band leaders

AM Band A : Joey Mawson (Leading/Keys/Vox)
AM Band B : Jesse Mitchell (Leading/Guitar/Vox)
PM Band A: Dan Thornton (Leading/Guitar/Vox)
PM Band B: Evie Hounslow (Leading/Vox/Guitar)

Expectations on Band Members

  • Practice the songs through the week
  • Turn up on time for practice
  • It’s not a performance; we’re aiming to worship God as we lead the church to do the same



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