The Welcome and Hospitality Team at Manly Life is crucial to us being a warm, friendly and inviting church. Our hope is that members of this team will see themselves as not only the front door, welcoming people to church but also the ushers who guide people into community, friendship and discipleship.

Have a listen to Tim as he explains the importance of hospitality and welcome!



As a member of the welcome and hospitality team you will have distinct roles to play depending on whether you are rostered on welcome, or hospitality. The key though is that you make yourself available for other people both before and after the service. There are always new people coming along to Manly Life, as well as people wanting to take the next steps in their commitment to Christ and his church!


Involvement and Responsibilities

  • Availability to be on the team at least once a month at either the 9:30am or 5pm services.
  • Be responsive to emails regarding rosters and put the weeks you are serving into your diaries.


Hospitality Team:

  • Arrive by 9am or 4:30pm to set up the hospitality table when you are serving.
  • Join the rest of the volunteers that week for pre-service briefing, worship & prayer at 9:10am or 4:40pm and return to the foyer at 9:20am or 4:50pm
  • Roles on the Sunday include:
    • Bring either the milk for tea and coffee or a plate of biscuits/slices/cakes for people to share.
    • Before service preparing the café area which involves setting out tea, coffee, Café sign & flowers.
    • Welcome people and offer to make them a drink
    • Facilitate café area after services on Sunday by being a connecting friendly presence.
    • Pack down of the Café area, leaving the area clean and tidy.


Just Welcoming:

  • Arrive by 4:35pm to get your team lanyard on the Sundays when you are serving
  • Join the rest of the volunteers that week for pre-service worship & prayer at 9:10am or 4:40pm and return to welcoming at 9:20am or 4:50pm (possibly leave one of the team behind to welcome any early people). Liaise with team leader about where to greet and welcome people.
  • Hand out Term Flyers to those who haven’t received one and any other notices
  • Be a welcoming friendly presence, able to direct and assist people
  • If someone is new, consider walking with them to find a seat and introduce them to someone at church who is of a similar age/gender.
  • Ask new people at the end of the service to fill in a Get Connected Card


I really believe that this is a key team to be a part of in the life and growth of our church. We get to be the embodiment of Jesus to all who come to be a part of our church family. Thanks for serving in this team!

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