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Manly Life Church values creating space in all that we do for the Spirit of God to meet with people and minister to their hearts and minds, bringing transformation, restoration & life! Prayer Ministry time on a Sunday is a vital part of building this culture within the life of our Church Family & Community.

We have the honour of being vessels of God’s love poured out to those who choose to respond or are in need within our community. Whether it’s prayer for healing, encouragement, breakthrough or something else, we are primarily there to represent the love and power of God. We are empowered by the the Holy Spirit to minister to the church, His Bride.




Ministry Structure

Prayer Ministry most often happens after the preaching/teaching of the word during our Sunday services.

  • As Ministry members who are rostered on, please listen intently to the teaching so you are prepared for ministry that will flow off the back of what God is speaking to us through the teaching of the word.
  • As a team we should follow directions from either the preacher or service leader on how how the Holy Spirit is leading us as a community and how ministry will practically take place: e.g. you may be asked to gather down the front to pray for people as they come forward or you may be asked to move around amongst the community laying hands etc. Be ready for anything!

Specific Involvement & Responsibilities

Even if you have been serving in ministry for years please read the following. It is important that we are all clear about what is expected from us and that we are best prepared to serve, bless, and honour the Lord.

Before the service – For prayer time before the service, feel free to walk through the space praying for the people who will be coming and the service ahead, or sit/lie down and take some time to connect in prayer with God. Share any scriptures, impressions or visions you have on to the service leader, preacher or ministry co-ordinator.

During Ministry Time – We believe that through prayer ministry God can move in a person’s life. A typical prayer session may involve:

  • Interviewing for needs and start praying by laying that before God
  • Asking the Holy Spirit to come and move
  • Waiting and agreeing with what God is doing (ask yourself: What does the Bible say about their situation? Pray any relevant scriptures over them. What does the kingdom of heaven look like in their circumstance? Pray that into their life!).
  • Follow up to see if need for more prayer? Do they need follow up from Pastoral team?
  • Share encouragements with them and thank God for what He is doing.

After the service – sometimes we can be standing with people in prayer who are in the  midst of very difficult situations or circumstances so it is important that if you feel heavy or burdened after a time of ministry with someone that you phone or grab your ministry  co-ordinator or another team member to pray with you and ask the Lord to lift off you any burdens that aren’t yours to bear and give the situation back to Jesus.

If someone needs further pastoral care please inform your ministry coordinator.

Important Guidelines and Prayer Ministry Standards:

Please pray with your eyes open (someone may begin crying and need a tissue or become overcome by the Spirit and need your help to sit or lie down).

  1. FEMALES pray for female – this is the rule for safety and security, both for the minister and the person receiving prayer. Alternatively pray in pairs with another person of the opposite sex joining you.
  2. MALES pray for male as above.
  3. If you are unsure of what to pray simply bless what the Holy Spirit is doing.
  4. Praying in tongues is wonderful, but remember to be sensitive and pray quietly – it can be distracting.
  5. Gently lay hands on when praying (Matt 10:16, Luke 4:40, Acts 28:8, Mark 16:18), but keep in mind the key rules:
    • Always ask permission before you lay hands on a person and tell them where you are going to lay you hand e.g. “Is it ok if I place my hand on your shoulder?”
    • Know where it is acceptable to touch and where it is not acceptable to touch i.e. shoulders, arms and head, is OK (not pushing)
    • Do not lay hands on a women’s chest or stomach unless they put their hand there first and you have asked permission to place your hand on top of their hand. – e.g they have asked you to pray for healing from stomach cancer.
    • Men, it is more acceptable to touch the abdomen but please ask before you do so.
  6. If you at any time feel uneasy or spiritually not at peace in a ministry situation, please inform your ministry co-ordinator or another team member and they will come and sensitively join you in that situation.
  7. If someone is very distraught, try not to rush in with answers and solutions; just listen to Father God and pray peace.
  8. Ask the Holy Spirit to take you to the right people to pray for. It is amazing who He will lead you too!
  9. Please be aware of your face and body language – if someone confesses something to you, remember they may be looking at your responses! Encourage them they are in a safe place and no one is judging them.
  10. In ministry time don’t be afraid to ask questions: “Can you tell me how you are feeling?”, “What is happening with you right now?” “What do you want to ask God to do in you?” etc.
  11. “Ministry mints” are great! Nothing worse than being slain by bad breath rather than the  Holy Spirit!
  12. Tissues are essential – try and always have some in your pockets or at least know where you can locate some.
  13. Please be alert at all times. There may be occasions when speakers want the ministry team to wander and minister, or come up the front, even when you are not expecting it!
  14. Remember: This is God’s work and He is the head of the team. We are there as channels to hear and minister the love of God to a hurting people. God is in control.

Key points to remember:

We aim to facilitate a safe and secure place where people can express their prayer requests in confidence and with confidentiality.

  • We are here primarily to pray and support, rather than to counsel or advise.
  • Our purpose is to faithfully and truly express the Father’s love to those being prayed for.
  • We need to be sensitive. That is, sensitive to the feelings of the person being prayed for, and sensitive to the leadings of the Holy Spirit.
  • We will seek to express love and concern, without judgment of the person requesting prayer or others mentioned.
  • In expressing love and concern, we will avoid undue or unwanted physical contact.

Be mindful:

If a person is very loud during the ministry time, and becoming a distraction to others in a negative way, handle it with care without drawing attention to the situation. We suggest you quietly take them out of the main room with another ministry team member and find out what is going on in their hearts. Perhaps further ministry is required, however in this situation even praying with someone can be a distraction when others are receiving in God’s presence! If you need assistance just look to the Ministry Co-ordinators to come and help you out.

If someone does require further ministry outside of the service, we would recommend that this be done in pairs, ensuring that someone of the same sex as the individual you are ministering to is with you for this additional ministry time. We want to create a safe place for everyone who comes to a service so this is vital for accountability, both for Manly Life Church and the individual concerned.

Alternatively, you can direct them to someone on the pastoral team for further ministry.
Remember you have authority over every power and principality as a child of God, in
the name of Jesus!

Thank you so much for your support of Manly Life Church, we know you will be mightily blessed as you minister and we look forward to seeing freedom and healing as God’s love encounters His people.


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