Life Kids Ministry

Within this Church wide vision the Life Kids Ministry seeks to make disciples by nurturing and growing our children in their faith and knowledge of God. We do this through actively modelling the Father’s love to them, teaching them the Bible and empowering them to live their life in step with the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the power of:

  • TRANSFORMATION through the love of God
  • EMPOWERING through the Word and Spirit
  • RAISING UP a generation full of faith, love and life!



 Ministry Structure

We have three programs that run as part of the Life Kids Ministry:

  • Splash Zone: For Crawlers – 2 years
  • Bright Lights: For children who are 3 years – Kindy
  • Kingdom Shakers: For Primary School Children in Years 1 – 5
  • The Splash Zone and Bright Lights kids meet in their rooms before the start of the service, while the Kingdom Shakers are accompanied out after worship with a leader.

Specific Involvement & Responsibilities

Working with children check – A Working With Children Check (WWCC) is a prerequisite for anyone in child-related work in NSW, including volunteer ministry. It includes a national police check and review of findings of misconduct involving children. The result is either a clearance or a bar. See Mandatory Requirements below for how to obtain a WWCC.

Punctuality – Volunteers are expected to arrive at 9am to be briefed, help with any final set up and spend time in prayer.

Registration – There is a kid’s registration folder in the Splash room. Please assist any new parents in filling out registration forms as they arrive for kids church. This is a great opportunity to connect with kids and parents and make them feel welcomed and cared for.

Bathrooms – In the situation when a child from the Bright Lights group needs to go to the toilet please accompany them to the disabled bathroom in the main church foyer and keep the door ajar, waiting outside so they know you are there but no volunteer is to be alone with a child in the bathroom.

A distressed child – If a child is distressed and unable to settle in one of the rooms please take them to the theatre door nearest the kids rooms and their parents should see you as you open the door and they will comfort their child or return with you to the appropriate room with their child while they settle.

Collection – Parents/guardians will collect and sign out their children from their rooms at the end of the sermon. No children are to leave the rooms unaccompanied or without a parent/guardian.

Availability – to lead or assist at Life Kids Ministry at least once a month.

Unable to serve on a rostered slot – Firstly, decline as soon as possible to your Planning Center Online (PCO) service request. If you have already accepted the request then you will need to login to PCO and change your response from ‘accept’ to ‘decline’. Tim will automatically be notified via email of the change, however we ask that you please also text Julianne if it’s late notice: 0418 860 922

Mandatory Requirements

Working With Children Check

A Working With Children Check (WWCC) is a prerequisite for anyone in child-related work in NSW, including volunteer ministry. It includes a national police check and review of findings of misconduct involving children. The result is either a clearance or a bar.

Everyone seeking to be involved in Children’s Ministry here at Manly Life Church must obtain a WWCC number before you will be permitted to begin leading. To do so, follow these simple 2 steps:

  • Complete an online form at to receive an application number (will take you about 2mins to complete).
  • Take the application number and proof of identity to a NSW motor registry. You will then receive the outcome of your WWCC by email.

Once you have received your number, send it via email to Victoria ( along with your date of birth. A WWCC clearance is valid for five years.

Safe Ministry Training

Our kids programs must be places of safety and security wherein all kids have the opportunity to hear the good news of Christ and be built up in their faith. Initial training can be completed by reading through this online document: Safe Ministry 101

Attendance at Life Kids Leader Training nights (twice a year) is an essential requirement as we will always cover additional components of Safe Ministry Training during these nights. The training is from this online course which you can also complete if you miss both the training evenings. Safety Ministry Training online


We are to encourage the kids in our care to:

  • LEARN about God from the Bible and about Jesus (Our rescuer and king).
  • LOVE each other by listening to our leaders and each other, by making new friends and by working together.
  • LAUGH together as we get stuck into plenty of great activities, crafts, and some crazy times too.

Procedure for when behavioural correction is needed:

  1. If a child is doing something unhelpful, dangerous or being rude etc, ask them if what they are doing is helping them and others LEARN, LOVE and LAUGH. If it is not, then ask them to stop.
  2. If they continue to behave like this give them a second warning explaining that the third time you have to speak to them they will have to sit out of the activity.
  3. If you have to speak to them again follow through and sit them out of the activity. Initially, sit them out for 2-5 mins (age dependant). Then let them join in again.
  4. If they continue, involve your group co-ordinator and sit them out for the rest of the activity.
  5. If they still continue to misbehave, send them to Miss Grace and have a quiet and thoughtful word with their parents about the behaviour – if you do this first and foremost make sure you ask if there is anything going on right now for the child that might be causing the behaviour and how you can be praying for them. For instance “Johnny wasn’t himself today in Kids Church (details of what happened) is there anything you know of that we can be mindful of to be praying for him?”


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