Living Productive, Abundant, Fruitful Lives

We all long to live productive, abundant, fruitful lives… but how do we do it? In this talk, Pastor Tim looks at John 15 and Jesus call to abide in him. He is the vine, we are the branches, and when we stay connected, it produces fruit in our lives. In this talk you willContinue reading “Living Productive, Abundant, Fruitful Lives”

Breaking the power of bad habits

In this sermon from Manly Life, Pastor Tim speaks on the way bad habits and addictions diminish our lives. Then looking at some great passages of scripture he explores the freedom we can experience in following Jesus and keeping in step with His Spirit. (click play and then wait for the audio to start). HebrewsContinue reading “Breaking the power of bad habits”

Facing Curveballs by Victoria Giovanelli

Last Sunday, Victoria gave a wonderful sermon on facing curveballs in life. She drew from Paul’s shipwrecked journey to Rome and her own personal pain of losing her Father in a house fire at age 13. Have a listen (press play and wait about 30 seconds for audio to start). As CS Lewis said, “Hardship oftenContinue reading “Facing Curveballs by Victoria Giovanelli”

Live in a Better Story – Mike Frost Sermon

What story do you live in? Is it one controlled by self, consumerism, fear and greed? God invites us to live in a different story of radical mercy, hospitality, equality, reconciliation and generosity! In this sermon from the combined Manly Life Church and Small Boat Big Sea service, Mike Frost challenges us to live inContinue reading “Live in a Better Story – Mike Frost Sermon”