Isaiah 66:1 A House of Spiritual Gifts

In this sermon Peter Brooks unpacks Isaiah 66:1, where God asks what his House, his Church would look like. Peter explains that Manly Life can be a House of love, a House of Godly Leadership and a House of the Life of the Spirit, especially the spiritual gifts! What will our Church look like? Will it be a place where the Spirit moves powerfully?

Sermon preached by Peter Brooks on Sunday August 7, 2022.

27/11/22 – 2022 End Of Year Sermon – by Tim Giovanelli Manly Life Church Podcast

In this sermon Tim recaps an amazing year at Manly Life and calls us to remember what we have been taught and put it into action, do we look any different as a church or as individuals since the beginning of the year – have we grown in our faith? Let's end the year well and join with what God is doing! SERMON NOTES click here: For more information about Manly Life check out our website: You can also find us on Facebook:
  1. 27/11/22 – 2022 End Of Year Sermon – by Tim Giovanelli
  2. 20/11/22 – Romans 2 Grace and Truth – by Tim Giovanelli
  3. 13/11/22 – Exodus 20:8 Sabbath and Rest – by Victoria Giovanelli
  4. 05/11/22 – Mustard Seed – by Tim Giovanelli – 10th B'day Celebrations
  5. 30/10/22 – Romans 1:1-17 Not Ashamed Of The Gospel – by Tim Giovanelli – Glorious Gospel Series

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My wife Victoria and I are planting a new church in Manly, NSW

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